Gijs, Joost and Cyriel are the authors of the book AND we have asked some of our most esteemed colleagues to share their favorite exercises with you. These colleagues come from all over the world, from Europe to America, Asia, Africa, and Australia – most of them are also member of AIN – the Applied Improv Network.
Please feel free to contact any of our colleagues if you wish them to train you or your organization in the ways of improvisation.

Name Website Email Location
1 Kat Koppett www.koppett.com kat@koppett.com New York, NY, USA
2 Alieke van der Wijk www.troje.nl Alieke@troje.nl Amsterdam, Nederland
3 Henk van der Steen www.troje.nl Henk@troje.nl Amsterdam, Nederland
4 Frans Bosch www.takkenwerk.nu info@takkenwerk.nu Herkenbosch, Nederland
5 Nicole van der Ouw www.creatiefverandermanagement.nl Nicole@CreatiefVerandermanagement.nl Ruinen, Nederland
6 Renatus Hoogenraad www.sparks-training.ch rh@sparks-training.ch Carouge, Switserland
7 Burgert Kirsten www.playingmantis.net burgert@playingmantis.net Stellenbosch, South Africa
8 Viv Mc Waters www.vivmcwaters.com.au info@vivmcwaters.com.au Torquay, Australia
9 Matt Weinstein www.playfair.com matt@playfair.com Nicasio, CA, USA
10 Shawn Kinley www.shawnkinley.com shawn@shawnkinley.com Travelling the world
11 Paul Z Jackson www.impro.org.uk info@impro.org.uk London, UK
12 Hikaru Hie www.ena-comm.com hikaru@ena-comm.com Tokyo, Japan
13 Andre Besseling www.improcentrum.nl andre@improcentrum.nl Hilversum, Nederland
14 Belina Raffy www.maffick.com belina@maffick.com Esher, UK
15 Yael Schy www.dramaticstrides.com yael@dramaticstrides.com Oakland, CA, USA
16 Sue walden www.improvworks.org info@improvworks.org San Francisco, CA, USA
17 Stef Kuyper www.stefkuypers.com stef.kuypers@gmail.com Antwerpen, Belgie
18 Bobbi Block www.bobbiblock.com bobbiblock@comcast.net Philadelphia, NY, USA