+ Keynote Yes And… Your Business

We will provide a keynote speech of 30 to 90 minutes on your event, corporate meeting or conference. The keynote adresses the essence of the book Yes And… Your Business. It provides the audience with some key insights on how to deal with complexity in the organisation using improvisation. The keynote will be tailormade to the specific audience and relates to the main theme of the event. The audience will be inspired, fired up and ready for action!

We are available to sign the books after the presentation and for a meet and great with members of the audience.

+ Workshop Yes And… Your Business

We have developed several workshops based on the book. We can teach the basics of organisational improvisation in a starter workshop of 120 minutes. The insights of the book are brought alive in this workshop and are experienced by the participants. The workshop can be extended to a half (or full) day day training session where the participants explore the power of organisational improvisation. We have developed specific workshops on the following topics, related to the topics in our book:

  • Yes And… Your Leadership
  • Yes And… Your Creativity
  • Yes And… Your Culture

All workshops are ‘light on talking and heavy on doing’ with exercises from the book.

+ Yes And… Your Business Revolution

We have supported several organisations in the transformation to a flexible and open organisation where the principles of organisational improvisation are put into practice. This results in changes in culture, structure and processes. If you are ready to transform your organisation from a bureaucratic corporation to a flexible and adaptive network, we are able to set up a whole programme to support the organisational change your organisation needs. But you are warned, once we start, there is no way back.


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